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Analysis of the use characteristics of TIMKEN bearings

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Features of TIMKEN bearings:
1. TIMKEN bearings are designed and manufactured based on the combination system. There are many motor combinations and installation forms. The transmission ratio of each stage is excellent and can meet different usage conditions.
2. TIMKEN bearing adopts the unit structure's modular design principle, which significantly reduces the types of parts and inventory.
3. The transmission efficiency of TIMKEN bearings is very high, the accuracy is very accurate, the energy consumption is low, energy can be saved, the performance is not prone to failure, and the work efficiency is improved.
4. TIMKEN bearing has a high-rigidity iron injection box with ribs, and the gear is made of better alloy steel. The surface is treated by carburizing and quench hardening, and the grinding teeth are finely processed. Therefore, the transmission is reliable and stable, and the bearing capacity is ample. The TIMKEN bearing uses computer repair technology to repair the gears, which significantly improves the load-bearing ability of the reducer, which is more resistant to impact, low-temperature rise, fewer failures, and extended service life.

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