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Application of Stearic Acid in Daily Cosmetics

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Stearic acid, the English name is STEARIC ACID, aliases: octadecanoic acid, octadecanoic acid, styling, fatty acid, stearic acid. Stearic acid is one of many fatty acids. The primary role of stearic acid in cosmetics and skincare products is an emulsifier and emollient.

Stearic acid is naturally present in various plant and animal derivatives. Stearic acid can be found in animal fats, cocoa butter, and vegetable oils. It is a commonly used higher fatty acid.

Stearic acid is an indispensable raw material for general emulsified products. It has no adverse effects on the skin, does not cause irritation and allergies, and reacts with alkali to form "soap base," but excessive addition can cause skin discomfort and high skin acne risk. It is commonly used in cosmetics such as vanishing cream, foundation cream, shaving cream, hair cream, and skincare lotion. Different cosmetics use different stearic acid content and have other effects.

Stearic acid is suitable for skin tightening, non-pigmented skin, dry skin, and tolerant skin. It is commonly used as a binder, emollient, and emulsifier in cosmetics. It is a saturated fatty acid, often added to lipsticks, soaps, and other products. Stearic acid is also the primary raw material for making almond honey and milk. Stearic acid soap esters are more widely used in the cosmetics industry.

1. As a surfactant, stearic acid has a powerful cleaning ability. Surfactant is a compound that can help reduce the surface tension of water so that it can mix with oils and dirt on the skin's surface. Thanks to stearic acid, soap particles can adhere to the soil and oil on the skin, making them loose and easily washed away by water.

2. Stearic acid is used as an emulsifier, which means that it can be combined with other substances (such as oil and water), which are usually incompatible with each other. Your cleanser will not remain smooth and milky without stearic acid but will separate like oil and vinegar in salad dressing. Stearic acid is used in skincare products, vanishing cream, and cold cream to emulsify it into a stable and white cream.

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