Nano silica treatment allows moisture resistant and hydrophobic arc welding to cover electrodes 

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With the increasing use of advanced high-strength steel in engineering applications, developing low-cost alternatives for producing moisture-proof electrodes is necessary. One of the main mechanisms of moisture absorption during exposure is the physical absorption of water molecules through the pores on the coating surface. In addition, hygroscopic substances (such as lime) in the electrode cover can enhance its hygroscopicity. Therefore, creating a hydrophobic absorption barrier layer on the surface of the coating can be a practical method for controlling water absorption during environmental exposure.

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The characteristics of nano-silica 重试    错误原因 重试    错误原因 重试    错误原因 重试    错误原因 重试    错误原因

Nano silica is a new type of material that has received widespread attention due to its unique physical and chemical properties. It has excellent moisture resistance and hydrophobicity and can maintain stable performance in harsh environments. This characteristic makes nano silica have great potential for application in arc welding. 重试    错误原因

(Nano Silica Powder)

Breakthrough in moisture-resistant and hydrophobic arc welding technology 重试    错误原因 重试    错误原因 重试    错误原因 重试    错误原因

Conventive arc welding technology is greatly affected by environmental humidity, which can reduce welding quality and even lead to malfunctions. The electrodes treated with nanosilica have moisture resistance and hydrophobicity, which can effectively resist moisture in the environment and ensure the stability of the welding process. The Breakthrough in this technology improves welding quality and expands the application range of arc welding. 重试    错误原因

The advantages of treating electrodes with nano-silica 重试    错误原因 重试    错误原因 重试    错误原因

High stability: In various harsh environments, such as high humidity, rainy days, etc., electrodes treated with nano silica can still maintain stable welding performance. 重试    错误原因

Expanding application areas: This technology breaks the dependence of traditional arc welding on the environment, making welding operations in humid environments possible. 重试    错误原因

The application of nano-silica in moisture-resistant and hydrophobic arc welding 重试    错误原因 重试    错误原因 重试    错误原因

Electrode protection: By coating with nano-silica, the electrode can be effectively protected from the influence of humid environments, improving its service life. 重试    错误原因

Improving welding quality: Due to the isolation effect of nano-silica, moisture cannot come into contact with the electrode, thereby reducing quality problems caused by moisture during the welding process, such as pores, cracks, etc. 重试    错误原因

Improving welding efficiency: Due to the improved stability and service life of electrodes, the welding process is smoother, and the overall production efficiency is correspondingly improved. 重试    错误原因

Expanding application scope: The application of nano silica makes it possible to apply arc welding in humid environments, thereby expanding the application field of arc welding. 重试    错误原因

Applications of Nanosilica 重试    错误原因 重试    错误原因

One of the major biomedical applications of nano silica is as a vehicle for drug delivery via eye drops, intravenous injection, oral tablets, or pulmonary inhalation routes.

(Application of Nano Silica Powder)

In textiles: nano silicon can reflect ultraviolet light, resist aging, increase weather resistance, increase strength and other effects. After testing, it was found that the fiber contains nano silicon that can reflect 75% of 400nm wavelength ultraviolet radiation, and nano silicon below 100nm has antibacterial and deodorizing effects.

(Application of Nano Silica Powder)



In coatings: Nano silicon micro powder increases substrate adhesion and film hardness in coatings, paints, primers, and topcoats, preventing surface warping, enhancing corrosion resistance, penetration resistance, self-cleaning, high-temperature resistance, waterproofing, UV resistance, scratch resistance, and other effects. After filling, it can be suspended in the paint film for a long time without affecting transparency, preventing the paint from turning yellow. 重试    错误原因

(Application of Nano Silica Powder)

Ceramic field: In concrete and refractory materials, silicon micro powder is added to special refractory materials to form a multi-layer protective layer during oxidation, which has good mechanical properties and high-temperature oxidation resistance. After adding ultrafine silicon powder to special refractory materials, their flowability, sintering ability, bonding ability, and filling porosity performance are all improved to varying degrees, improving structural density and strength, reducing material wear rate, and enhancing corrosion resistance.

(Application of Nano Silica Powder)

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Luoyang Tongrun Nanotechnology Co, Ltd., as a global chemical material purveyor and manufacturer with over 12 years of experience, is highly trusted for providing high-quality chemicals and nanomaterials such as graphite powder, zinc sulfide, nitride powder, calcium nitride, Ca3N2, 3D printing powder, concrete foaming agent, etc.  重试    错误原因

We usually transport our goods using DHL, TNT, UPS, and FedEx.You can choose T/T(USD), Western Union, Paypal, Credit card, Alipay or Alibaba trade insurance for payment. Please inquire if you want to buy a high-quality nano silica powder; we will help. 重试    错误原因

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